Friday, September 21, 2012

Bandung Bandung Bandung, Indonesia


It was a four days trip from the 13th till the 17th September, it was a blast, the weather was really cool, the view was breathtaking and a great companion make everything even more perfect. I was really happy i could travel around with someone you feel comfortable hanging out with and it was my happiest moment and memorable. A few places that we went; Kawah Putih, it was located in Ciwidey, Kawah Putih is a must visit place to go when you are in Bandung, the place actually was discovered long time ago by a dutch man, and the place was 'known' as the gathering place for all the holy spirit. but we will never know, now will we? Kawah Putih is one of the most amazing view i have ever seen and it was hot and cold at the same time, it was located directly under the sun yet we could not feel the humidity because it was cooling and  for the whole two hours we were there, we weren't sweating! all we knew is that we were tanned after that. Further down, there was tea plantation and the lake Situ Patenggang( i hope i spell this right) the lake was quiet, really quiet which is very peaceful and creepy at the same time. Not to forget the food there, you have to go to Sapu Lidi, the delicious food lingers even after you've eaten it; the pepes and soto was good! not to miss, if you're in Bandung, the shopping place is a paradise, well, some are really bad but some factory outlets's price are really affordable and quality is good too. Last but not least, on the last night we were being silly by experimenting on the photo and turned it into video, it was a continuous shoot and was put together with iMovie. i do not know if you guys can watch, but it was just my first trial. 
hope all of you have a good weekend :D stay healthy!


  1. KE BANDUNG GA BILANG2 :( siapa tuuuuuuuh

  2. hehehehehehehe, omg gue lupa man! eh sa, waktu itu kenapa lo nanya gue ttg whatsapp whatsapp itu? whats been going on? lo dimana skrg??


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