Monday, March 19, 2012

Y O G Y A K A R T A, I N D O N E S I A

i visited my country a few weeks ago, and this is an overdue post which i should have posted it long time ago. when i was in Yogyakarta, i had so much fun aside from the fact that i had to miss my flight back and forth, the worst time management in the world. Yogyakarta was amazing. I could have a catch up session with my cousin and a valuable lesson about life. Everything is so different than i experienced in Singapore, everyone is so friendly and honest. the place was one of the amazing places i have seen, there was a long side of field, it was so green and the weather is perfect for cooling, it was not too humid neither it was too cold. My cousin brought me to a night festival, we call it 'pasar malam' and it was the very first time in my life i went. The festival was held only once a year so i was pretty lucky that i had the chance to see it. The festival was a traditional, very old school. We call it escape theme park nowadays. Yogyakarta was very famous for its batik and a traditional snack we call 'bakpia'. So when you are thinking of a city in Indonesia you would like to visit, think Yogyakarta. there are so many historical building and places you have never seen before. till next post, cheers.

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